Athlete's AI

The future of video analytics for sports

Video Analytics in the hands of All Athletes

Video analytics is one of the most powerful tools for athletes to improve their performance. However, it either requires expensive high tech equipment or manual and tedious labelling of footage, and provides limited insights. Our solution overcomes the three problems by delivering deeper insights from a single camera in real-time using AI technology and computer vision.


Requiring only one camera


Using cutting edge machine learning


Providing deeper analytics

Meet the team

David To, PhD

Driving Force

Dr David To is the driving force behind Athlete's AI. As a former professional tennis player, David's own personal training experiences have inspired the vision that is Athlete's AI.

Mark McDonnell, PhD

AI Extraordinaire

Dr Mark McDonnell is an internationally known researcher at the intersection of computer science and neuroscience, and creator of Athlete's AI's cutting-edge computer-vision algorithms.

Guy Gallasch, PhD

Product Development

Dr Guy Gallasch has a background in computer systems engineering and computer science, with over 17 years experience working across academia and Defence on a range of projects. 

Strategic Partners and Recognition

Co-winner of HWA Lab 2018

Pitch@Palace Australia 2018
South Australian winner
Australian top 12 finalist

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